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Basic knowledge of wear resistant steel ball of ball mill

Ball Basics:

A ball market and use:

1. Market: International market with the total ball about 1800-2000 tons. (Mine was informed of impurities)

2. Uses: Earth resources into the development and utilization of production-oriented enterprises. Such as: non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal type (graphite base fertilizer chemical dyes and pigments Paints magnetic power plant mill, cement, etc.)

Second, the type of ball and the production process:

1. forging (rolling) ball: carbon steel ball, 50mn and 60mn and 65mn forging steel balls, RCAB forging steel balls, Rcab-2 series of balls, high-carbon manganese forged steel ball low chromium, 85crmnsi quality ball , RCAB3B and RCAB-6 and 40crmo forging steel balls and so on.

2. Cast iron ball:

Ordinary cast iron ball non-electric production

Low chromium cast iron ball melting furnace

Chromium cast iron ball in the melting furnace

High chromium cast iron ball melting furnace

Ultra-high chromium cast iron ball (cr content of 22% -30%)

3. Stainless Steel ICR18NI9TI, production of cold pad, model 18mm-60mm between. Wherein the stainless steel balls and non-magnetic stainless steel balls.

4. The hollow ball for weld decoration. Usually made of A3 or 45 # steel stamping die produced, model 20-150mm

5. The steel balls A3 steel production, process cold pad, grinding, polishing, manufacturing and roller bearings used as a movable mechanical production, the production model is 1.5mm ------ 18mm, maximum 35mm.

6 grid structure is used as the spatial structure connected with the ball, he used 45 # forging or rolling from material, after processing a plurality of planar and drilling with nuts.

7. Miniature Ball both grit, steel shot. General steel strip cutting pills, two steel irrigated splash generated is used as blasting and grinding smooth use.

Three balls implementation of standards;

Forging Ball Product Code: 73261100 (who refers to a ball mill with ball)

Forged Ball latest standards: YB / T091-2005

Cast iron ball the latest standards: GB / T17445-2010

IV. Ball price, material sharing, technical specifications and use of indicators.

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V. casting and forging steel ball ball manufacturing processes and product testing specifications

1. Ball Hardness Analysis: Small Large ball hardness, ball hardness.

Reference complement of addend = total installed capacity with the ball

Total number of balls - clearing the ball more than consumption = number of balls. Agreed broken rate calculated as the ball does not consume ball

The ball and the ball consumption conditions: HRC hardness, the hardness of the ore, fineness, humidity, chemical, and other conditions.