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The use of wear-resistant steel ball note

The use of wear-resistant steel ball, according to the ball mill's diameter, the size of the ore hardness, ball mill size, ball mill speed, steel ball hardness and other factors to determine. To add the amount of steel ball: in the running in process of ball mill equipment ball quantity add only 80%, because after installation of ball mill, ball mill size tooth requires meshing, handling capacity (ore volume) is to be gradually increased until the ball mill normal continuous operation in a couple of days, stopping mill pick up the check size gear meshing, until all normal, open mill manhole cover for the second time to add the remaining 20% wear resistant steel ball.
In addition, different amounts of different ball mill types in the assembly ball, in general, adding wear resistant steel ball ball (ouside 120 mm and ouside 100 mm) accounted for 30% - 40%, the ball (80 mm) accounted for 40% - 30%, the ball (60 and ouside ouside 40) accounted for 30%.