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Industrial application of cast grinding ball

Steel ball is now widely used in many industries, mainly used for casting, mechanical workpiece surface cleaning, strengthening the role of. There are many types of steel balls, in the modern industry, it is commonly used to cast grinding ball, here we come together to introduce the application of cast grinding ball.

Cleaning: shot blasting, shot blasting, casting cleaning, casting blast cleaning, Shotblast cleaning forgings, forging shot peening fettling clear sand, steel plate cleaning, clean steel, steel plate cleaning, clean up the H type steel, steel structure clear.

Rust: shot blasting, shot peening, casting derusting, forgings rust, rust steel, forging descaling, rust removal of steel, H type steel derusting, steel rust.

Strengthen: shot peening, heat treatment, shot peening, shot peening gear.

Shot Peening: steel shot, steel sand blasting, shot blasting, steel plate, steel plate shot peening.

Shot blasting, shot blasting, steel plate shot: steel shot.

Sand: sand treatment.